Meeting of the CSLSR 2010

The 5th Annual CSLSR Meeting was held at
New Residence Hall, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

August 13 & 14, 2010

Keynote Speakers

Conference Photos

CSLSR Student Research Prize Awardees:

Graduate Oral Presentations:

1. Katrina Sullivan (Carleton) - Expression patterns of the novel freeze responsive genes li16, fr10 and fr47 in the wood frog, Rana sylvativa

2. Benjamin Lant (Carleton) - P53 in the anoxia tolerant crayfish: A surprising role in cellular survival

3. David McLean (U Toronto) - Normalization of cerebrovascular reserve following cerebral revascularization surgery is associated with improved grey matter thickness and volume


Undergraduate Oral Presentation:

1. Elena Diaconescu (Queen's) - Differentiating between maximal and submaximal knee extension efforts using isokinetic dynamometry


Poster Presentations:

1. Patricia Ndumbi (McGill) - Despite a decade of fully suppressive long-term antiretroviral therapy, immune dysregulation persists among HIV-infected patients

2. David Sarfati (McGill) - Phenotypic differences in PTHrP+/- mice on C3H and C57B16 backgrounds

3. Gaayathiri Jegatheeswaran (Guelph) - Effects of central sensitization on motorneurone excitability


Awarded to a member/representative for their committed contributions to the mission and growth of the CSLSR:

Letitia Lim

McGill University

Best Research Photo Submission (published in our Annual Proceedings):

Hassem Roman

(lab of Dr. Monzur Murshed), McGill University

Student Abstracts were published in the Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Life Science Research 2010 Edition

Friday, 13th of August 2010

 AM:      Opening Jenna Fong President

               Invited Guest Speaker Dr. Richard Kramer - Vitamin D in the 21st Century: an amazing story

            Session 1: Oral Presentations
PM:      Invited Guest Speaker Dr. Tak Mak - Lymphocytes Homeostasis: 'Tis Death that Makes Life Live

            Session 2: Oral Presentations            

            Invited Guest Speaker Dr. Darius Bagli

            Workshop #1 by Dr. Linda Cooper

            Writing Scientific Articles in the Internet Era

            Session 3: Poster Presentations

Saturday, 14th of August 2010

AM:      Invited Guest Speaker Dr. Marc Leyton - Alcohol, Nicotine, Amphetamine and Cocaine: The Role of Dopamine in Drug Self-Administration in Humans

            Session 4: Oral Presentations
            Invited Biotech Guest Speaker 

PM:      Invited Guest Speaker Dr. Mads Kaern - Something old, something new, something borrowed: the marriage of Systems and Synthetic Biology

            Workshop #2 by Frederic Leduc - Tips'n'tricks for an outstanding presentation

            Closing & Awards/Prizes
            Annual General Meeting




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